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Why we show

Dedication (noun)— the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.


Growing up in a family that shows livestock is a blessing not enough of this world has the privilege to understand. When asked what you’re doing over summer vacation, spring break, Christmas break, and pretty much every other break you ever had—your non-livestock friends might not have understood why your answer was always “going to Junior Nationals/WPX/OYE/Houston.” However, you, and your family, know there is no better place to spend your family time.


Livestock shows are the greatest teachers, best ways to spend a family “vacation” and where the vast majority of your friends gather. As a show family you are often called “obsessed” but you know that that is simply what some call the dedicated.


As we move into the busy rush of the summer show season, we sat down with members of Team ShowBloom, The Voegele’s, to see why they have chosen to spend their free time hitting the show road.

See what they have to say (our guess is your family feels the same way!):


“My husband Shannon and I were both raised in the livestock show world.  Most of our closest friends are those that we have met along the show road.  We hope that our kids will meet the same type of people that are not only our friends but close enough that we call them ‘family.’  We also love giving our kids the opportunity to become Ag Advocates.  They love it when we are at shows and non-livestock people come up to them and ask questions.  They always take the time to tell them about their projects and why they are so passionate about showing livestock.”

–Sarah Voegele, show mom.


“I love meeting new people from all across the United States and talking about the swine industry.  My favorite shows are World Pork Expo and the National Western Stock Show.  I really enjoy the Premier Exhibitor contest in Denver where you have to give a speech and interview.”

–Cash Voegele, showman


“I love going to pig shows!  I have made friends from everywhere.  When we are waiting for the shows to start, my friends and I play cards or make rubber band bracelets at the trailer.  We spend a lot of time in the truck.  I like to annoy my family by singing really loud and asking how long until we get there!  It’s FUN!”

–Sage Voegele, showman


“Showing livestock is something we can all do together as a family.  It is our ‘sport.’  There is a lot of hard work, success, failure, persistence, determination, sweat and tears that the kids put into showing livestock.  It’s rewarding to me to hear the kids say how much fun they have at the shows, what they learned and how many new friends they have made.”

–Shannon Voegele, show dad


It’s amazing how this industry can bring together families in competition that still leave as life-long friends. This is why the Voegele family shows. Why does your family show?


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