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Things to AVOID while traveling to the show


Lists are being made. Schedules are getting printed. Driving directions are being pinned in Google maps. There’s no doubt that Junior Nationals are nearing and families across the country are in full swing prep mode getting ready to hit the road for a full week of showing.


No matter how much you plan, pack and organize there will always be some sort of “adventure” that pops up either before you leave, while you’re on the road or once you get to the show. So, just for fun (and as a helpful reminder) ShowBloom compiled a list of things to avoid as you pack and travel to your summer destinations.


ShowBloom recommends you don’t:


  1. Wait until the next exit

That little “miles until empty” meter can be a gift and a curse when traveling long distances, pulling a trailer, on a road you don’t travel frequently (if ever). We’ve all been there as we fly by an exit we didn’t expect to come up that fast and said “no worries I’ll wait until the next one.” No matter where you are driving from or how quickly you think the next stop WITH DIESEL (which can be a fun adventure in itself to find depending on what part of the country you’re in) is—don’t wait for the next exit, stop at this one!


  1. Drink 4 cups of coffee before you leave

You might be wired and ready for that 9 p.m. departure right as the sun goes down and it starts to cool off. But, you’ll also be the guy/gal that makes everyone stop only 30 miles down the road and every hour after that. When the drive is going to be of any length we recommend monitoring your fluid intake to cut down on those costly bathroom breaks!


  1. Be a fashion icon in the truck

No matter how fresh you look, or how many selfies you’re going to take, that starch is NOT going to be comfortable as you travel to the show. Keep it comfortable while you’re traveling and save your best threads for the show.


  1. Try to be a super trucker once you hit the wall

If the AC is on high and the music is blaring and you’re still fighting off sleep it’s time to change out drivers. There is no doubt that the nights get long and headlights start blurring together once you’ve hit the show road for long hours. It’s not worth it to yourself, your family or your livestock to push yourself too far past your limit! Feel free to hit those rumble strips a few times to wake the family, though, if you’re feeling ornery!


  1. Pack your layover essentials at the bottom of your suitcase

Unless you’re the lucky one that doesn’t have to take a turn at driving, or gets the whole backseat to themselves while on a break, you will be ready to get out and freshen up once you hit your layover destination! Finding out that your toothbrush and change of clothes is in the bottom of your bag is NOT a fun surprise! Pack accordingly.


  1. Pack everything you’ll need first in the nose of the trailer

A lot of us pack our feed, feedpans, water buckets, etc in the nose of the trailer. Then, for us space conscience packers, will put the showbox, butt fans, etc right in front of that gate. Which, of course leads to a big “I told you so” once you make it to your layover. Don’t forget to make everything you’ll need before you completely unload accessible.


  1. Take the “shortcut” you just learned about at the gas station

It never fails. You’ll be at a small gas station (because you didn’t wait until the next exit) and one of the local patrons, or cashier, will ask you where you’re headed and then offer you advice on a shortcut. Siri and Rand McNally will have NO clue where you are and neither will you! Go ahead and just stay on the path you already have mapped on your phone.


Our one DO recommendation is to make sure you do have that ShowBloom packed in your trailer.

Safe travels to everyone that hits the road this summer.

Good luck #TeamShowbloom!

One thought on “Things to AVOID while traveling to the show”

  1. We have been doing the showcations since our kids where young – 19 years later we are now doing this with our granddaughters. Hopefully we have learned all the little tricks and my endless hours of prep work and checklists after checklists- prayers we will have many safe and awesome trip

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