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The scoop on VFD

As the January 1, 2017 deadline for the implementation of the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) nears, veterinarians, producers and feed mills begin the transition to new compliance rules. Good news for ShowBloom customers, the all-natural supplement can still be fed to all species with no additional documentation needed.


In short, VFD will help regulate that all medications in feed and those that are water-soluble will require producers and feeder to have a signed form by a veterinarian familiar with their operation. Producers will work with their veterinarian to complete the form which includes: the producer’s name and address, the veterinarian’s name and address, approximate number of animals treated, how much medicated feed or water they received and for how long and is kept on file for two years.


Coming into effect in just a few short weeks, producers will want to already be building a relationship with their veterinarian and keeping accurate and detailed records of what they are feeding and at what levels. While the impact on the general producer looks to be low, show feed customers will need to pay special attention to their feeding programs.


A major benefit for ShowBloom customers is the all-natural, non-medicated nature of the product. Everything ShowBloom does revolves around nurturing healthy, high-performing animals through specialized animal feed products and ingredients. The basis of the product is the all-natural brewer’s yeast product known to give those that feed it the “BGY Advantage!”


Research-backed and field-proven for more than 50 years, BGY products are recognized worldwide to promote superior health and efficiency for animals while boosting performance.


The feed industry is sure to change come January 1, 2017. But one thing will remain the same—ShowBloom’s high-quality ingredients that guarantee exceptional nutrition and performance among all species.


Make the choice for an easier feeding experience this year and take the ShowBloom challenge.


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