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The Importance Of B Vitamins

angela_bio_picBy Dr. Angela Mays, PhD

Brewer’s yeast is a natural source of high-quality protein, minerals and vitamins, specifically the B vitamins. As a natural source of B vitamins, brewer’s yeast is often supplemented in human and animal diets.

Since The F.L. Emmert Company uses brewer’s yeast in all of our products, B vitamins are naturally available to all livestock and pets consuming them.

What’s so important about B vitamins?

B vitamins are important in cell metabolism, such as the breakdown of carbohydrates. They provide the body with energy from the food that was eaten. By breaking down carbohydrates into glucose, animals are providing their body with energy. B vitamins also aid in breaking down fats and proteins, which is important in the function of the nervous system. Additional areas of the body that benefit from consumption of B vitamins include: hair, skin, eyes, mouth, and muscle tone.

With brewer’s yeast being a natural source of B vitamins, it should come as no surprise both humans and animals supplement it into their diets!

The opinions of Dr. Angela Mays are not necessarily those of The F.L. Emmert Company or ShowBloom.

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