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The Boring Life

Katie_bio_pic_02By Katie Thacker

A text conversation between a friend and me:

Me: “Is it plagiarism if I copy and paste one of your blog posts and use it as my own … or is it flattery?”

My friend: “Flattery. Big time”

Me: “I have a blog post due tomorrow and I literally have not a single thing to write about. My life is boring, I change diapers all day.”

My friend: “I sincerely want your life.”

This friend is someone I look up to – only a few years older, she’s been writing a blog for years. Her blog actually has a following. She’s witty. She’s charming. She’s a go-getter. She has a great “day job,” traveling around taking amazing pictures of people living the ag life, and she actually knows her way around the farm (and is useful).

Our lives are different. She’s a newlywed and I’ve been married six years with two kids. We aren’t the kind of friends that talk every day but the kind that cheer for one another, randomly drop a text and make each other laugh, and apparently sometimes covet the other’s life.

I wonder what her day was like. I picture her going to work kicking butt, taking amazing pictures, roping some cattle while riding a horse bareback, and sitting down for a quiet dinner with her husband looking forward to a good book by the fire

Boringlife_01Then I think of my day. I couldn’t keep my one-year-old off the train table (he thinks he’s Godzilla). I read my two-year-old 8,000 books. I watched Mickey Mouse. I fed them a few times. I listened to my two-year-old talk on and on about cows. And I changed a lot of diapers.

I wonder what she thinks I did today.

My life may not be glamorous; it may look like a lot of other people’s lives. Some days I don’t feel like I have anything to write about. Some days I wish I were a fancy blog writer with lots of adventures.

But today my kid gave me a big bear hug; he learned something new that I taught him. My little one didn’t eat anything dangerous, and I look back on the day and smile.

Joyful Truth: My blog may be boring some days but somewhere somebody wants what I have. That makes me step back and see it for what it really is. And we all need to do that once in awhile.

The opinions of Katie Thacker are not necessarily those of The F.L. Emmert Company or ShowBloom.

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