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Abby Tipton – Greenback, Tennessee

Since we have been using ShowBloom as a feed additive for our show calves, I have personally seen a drastic change in my show heifers hide and hair, hoofs, appetite, [and] most of all it gives them the “bloom” down there top and threw theircenter body that you will like to see in show heifers.

Cathy Trickman – Grinnell, Iowa

In June, Trickman Boer Goats decided to start adding a product to our feed program that would get a buck needing to add weight ready for an August show. After educating ourselves with the products available on the market today, we decided on ShowBloom. Upon purchasing it, we added ShowBloom to our entire show string feed program but also experimented by topdressing a group of 3 month old replacement does feed. We were very impressed with the results of our show string at the Iowa State Fair but the replacement doe pen is where we have witnessed the results to take to the bank. The does in this lot were quality show winning performance genetics we had used a few years back; with this we had a good idea how the group would grow throughout the Summer/Fall utilizing our standard feed. To our delight, after adding ShowBloom, we have a group of evenly developed young does; this group has the muscle expression and frame development that would bring top dollar in a sale. It is our belief the quality of these does have doubled their value with the addition of ShowBloom and we definitely are looking forward to showing in 2016.

Ty Sexton – Ainsworth, Iowa

My family has been feeding ShowBloom for the past several years and we love it. This past show season we had Supreme Champion FFA Bull and our Champion Open Class Chi Bull at the Iowa State Fair was fed ShowBloom since he was on a cow/calf pair.

ShowBloom is a great product.

Taylor McNair – Learned, Mississippi

I have been showing cattle since I was nine years old and could not picture myself without at least 5 to 12 head of cattle in the barn to show throughout the year.

This year I had a very special calf that was very dear to my family and me. Bruce Wayne’s success started off at his first show in January of 2011. When we arrived at the Lincoln County Winter Classic, we knew there were many competitive steers and there would be stiff competition. Showmanship started the next morning and I knew I wanted to show Bruce Wayne. He did excellent and we received 2nd place in showmanship.

Next was the steer show where Bruce Wayne won the Middleweight European Steer Show. Then, in the Championship Drive, the judge named Bruce Wayne Grand Champion Market Steer at the 2011 Lincoln County Winter Classic. Bruce Wayne also won Grand Champion Market Steer at the 2011 Hinds County 4-H Junior Livestock Show.

Bruce Wayne had dominated more than 35 steers and we were ready to move on to the second largest steer show in Mississippi, the 2011 Southwest District Livestock Show. Some of the best steers in the state were at this show, and Bruce Wayne won Grand Champion Market Steer.

Only one show was left in Mississippi, the largest show in the state, the Dixie National Junior Round Up Livestock Show. All eyes were on Bruce Wayne as he won the Heavyweight European Market Steer division. That meant he would enter the championship drive with the best steers in the state. I will never forget the moment Bruce Wayne won Grand Champion.

Bruce Wayne won every show he attended and I could not have asked for more. This was more than I ever imagined and our success could not have some without the help of your amazing product, ShowBloom. Bruce Wayne was fed ShowBloom from the day he came home to our barn. I know this was one of the best decisions I made.

I am proud to say my cattle this year are already enjoying their ShowBloom. I am very excited to see the magic of your product shine throughout my show season. I appreciate your company and am so glad I can purchase your product. Thank you so very much for a product that has led my cattle and me to win numerous titles.

The Byrums Family – Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Samantha has had another Grand Champion Market Lamb. This took place at the 65th Annual Albemarle Area Livestock Show. This show is one of the largest shows in North Carolina, next to the North Carolina State Fair.

Once again, ShowBloom was a key part of Samantha’s feeding program. Samantha has had great success since 2007, and ShowBloom has been a part of the program. She picks out her lamb, starts feeding it, and ShowBloom is there from beginning to end.

We’re not sure what the secret is, but ShowBloom will continue to be a part of the feeding program as long as Samantha is showing. Great genetics, great feed, and ShowBloom all work together to build champions. Thank you for a great product!

Matthew Kennedy

ShowBloom has become a vital part of our feeding program….Thanks for making such a super product that we can use on any breed, sex, or stage of development and see fantastic results.

The Shireman Family – Wanatah, Indiana

Our family has shown livestock throughout the U.S. over the past nine years. We have changed or altered our feeding programs many times to improve performance and adapt to changes in the show ring. The only thing that has never changed is adding ShowBloom daily to the diets of our cattle and sheep.
Thank you for a great product!

Cala Wright – Los Angeles, California

A friend of mine told me ShowBloom was the only thing working to keep her horses healthy and help them maintain overall health. I figured I would give it a try after I had spent months trying to increase the weight of one of our rescue horses. Lillah was a TB/Draft cross that was 30 years old and underweight.

After three months on ShowBloom, Lillah looked completely different. Under our vet’s supervision and with your product, Lillah gained 400 lbs. I added ShowBloom, weight builder, and senior feed to her diet and she completely changed…ShowBloom helps Lillah live a happy, healthy life!