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Surviving the winter show season

Let’s be honest, surviving January, February and March on the show road is an art form!

Whether you are just loading your trailer for Fort Worth, didn’t get completely unloaded from Denver before you headed to your next stop, or still have “organize the tackbox” on your to do list, one thing holds true…winter show season is here!

All across the country people are locked in on the 2017 show season. At ShowBloom, we know our customers are already in high gear competing from Perry, Georgia to Western Bonanza in California.

No matter your species of preference, your geographical location or your class schedule (do non-stock show kids actually go to school first semester, anyway?) we know you’re on the show road and perfecting your travel and time management skills! So, we sat down with a few show road experts to provide you with some valuable advice for surviving winter show season 2017.


  1. Divide and conquer

Whether you’re working as a parent team, siblings or a parent-showman duo it’s important to divide up the duties. One of the best things about stock show kids is they are INVOLVED! However, when you’re trying to balance the junior heifer show, steer show and basketball games sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Make sure everyone on your show team has a specific responsibility—packing the tackbox, early set up crew at the show, bringing the stock to the show, snack boss and even “the driver” are all tasks that can be assigned beforehand so when the weeks get busy you can be prepared.


  1. Be ready to hurry up and wait

The “hurry up and wait” concept is one we are all used to. Hurry and get the trailer in line so you can wait to unload for hours; hurry and get your stock washed so they can eat, drink and laydown before it’s go time; hurry and start fitting so you can wait for your class to be called. Those 4 a.m. mornings might not always sound the most appealing but having a target “start” time, “go” time and “end” time in mind will help you plan your day and your trip as a whole. The more time you give yourself—the calmer the show trip is!


  1. You don’t HAVE to start from scratch each week.

There is nothing wrong with leaving some tack in the trailer, leaving the showbox packed and just replenishing your necessary supplies. Make it easier on yourself if you’re on the road week after week and work out of the trailer or an already packed showbox.


  1. Keep your goals in mind and motivate your team accordingly

As the days get longer, the months feel like they’re moving faster and sleep becomes more of a rare occurrence, it’s important to keep yourself and your show team motivated. Celebrate the small victories (like having good water pressure), stop and get a special treat on a less busy day (Voodoo doughnuts in Denver will turn your whole day around) and make sure to over-use “please” and “thank you” as much as possible! Goals are important, and everyone wants to win the show, just make sure getting there is as positive of an experience as possible.


  1. Live in the moment

You will never get the 2017 (insert your next show name here) back. Make sure to take it all in, live in the moments and celebrate that show, your family and the new stride you made this year that you didn’t last. Junior show careers have an expiration date, don’t forget to take advantage of the year in front of you, the people who got you there and how much your family gets to do together.


Good luck in 2017, we can’t wait to hear about your success! And of course, #feedShowBloom!

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