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Start your calves off RIGHT!


All across the country, barns back in full swing after the summer show season. Whether you are still gearing up for a state fair, on the hunt for next year’s show calf or somewhere in-between, one thing is for certain—you need to take the ShowBloom Challenge.


The ShowBloom Challenge is simple – just feed ShowBloom for 90 days and you’ll see the “bloom” of good nutritional health and achieve their full potential. We guarantee you will see the results ShowBloom has been producing since 1983. Once those 90 days are up, you will want to continue feeding ShowBloom through the show career of that animal.


So, why is it important to begin with your ShowBloom Challenge today? ShowBloom is very palatable meaning animals get on feed and water quicker. Animals that are eating and drinking are less likely to become sick and have reduced stress during the early stages of life.


“Starting cattle out on ShowBloom reduces the rigors of weaning, sale day and shipping. ShowBloom gets the cattle settled into their new diets easier and faster. Customers have seen the body condition of their weaned cattle improve with each bag of ShowBloom fed,” Justin Little, ShowBloom territory manager.


Our all-natural formula based on BGY (a brewer’s yeast supplement) is known as many championship feeders’ secret winning ingredient. Research shows that ShowBloom is most effective if fed to show cattle year-round, including as part of the creep ration.


“The Brewers Yeast that makes up ShowBloom feeds the good bugs in the rumen. The yeast cells may also act as oxygen scavengers, improving the anaerobic environment of the rumen. This allows the good bugs to thrive even further. This results in more efficient digestion of feed and fiber and in turn, producers will be able to get more nutritional value out of their feed,” Alex Ailshie, ShowBloom territory manager.


Starting your livestock out right is one of the biggest keys to success down the road. By feeding ShowBloom you are giving your animal an early advantage; and by continuing to feed ShowBloom, you will help ensure your animals reach their full genetic potential.


You’ll see noticeable improvements to appearance, digestion, and overall health—key components to starting your calves right and keeping them going during a long show season. Let ShowBloom give your calf the advantage to move from contender to a winner!

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