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ShowBloom NEW pellet length


To All ShowBloom Users,

In response to an overwhelming number of requests, we have decided to shorten the length of

the ShowBloom pellet (the diameter will remain the same). This will allow for easier mixing and

less separation in feeds, and more importantly, greater ease of feeding and consumption by

smaller livestock species such as swine, sheep and goats.

Rest assured that neither the formulation nor quality of our product has changed. We believe, as

many of our customers do, that this simple change will have a positive impact on ShowBloom

usage and sales to all species, as well as livestock manufacturing applications.

Please take this opportunity to communicate with your sales teams, dealers and clients

wherever possible to help make this modification a positive one. Our sales team will be following

up to each of you as well with a phone call and to answer any questions you may have.

This alteration in the length of the ShowBloom pellet will take place immediately and will apply

to all package sizes. Please note that there will be no change in the size of the “ShowBloom for

Rabbits” pellet size.

We appreciate you business and continued support.


Ken Rod

General Manager

The F.L. Emmert Company

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