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Show Lessons from a Show Pig

By: Marisa Linton

Showing pigs, while a great deal of fun, is also a lot of work. Beyond the typical feeding, brushing, and daily care of your pig, it takes a lot of dedication and perseverance to train your pig. Hours, in fact, of walking and turning, and pretending your mom is the judge. Exhausted yet? It certainly can be.

Show pigs have a lot to learn if they are ever going to become champions. However, perhaps there are some lessons we can learn from our show pig.

1. Complaining doesn’t help when you must do something.
It seems that at least once in a pig’s life, they decide to throw a fit about going in the trailer, scale or some equally important place they must go. Typically, they decide to throw said fit, squealing (complaining) and digging in their heels the first few times. And, typically, as life does go, all the fuss doesn’t do any good. The pig still must be weighed and loaded on the trailer. So, despite my complaining, I’m still washing dishes.

2. Food is everything.
They call it being a pig for a reason. Everyone should strive to love their food as much as a pig. Excuse me while I finish these tacos up.

3. Dirt is good for the soul, but it is important to clean up nice.
It doesn’t matter if you keep a pig in a foot of shavings, it seems that they can always find some way to get dirty. In fact, it seems like they prefer it. A little dirt never hurt anyone. If you ask a pig, it may just be good for the soul. However, it doesn’t bode well for the show ring. While a little dirt is good, it is so important to clean up to go out to eat, meetings, or church.

4. You will be judged. Walk proud.
People are going to judge you. There will be differing opinions, and you know, that’s okay. If you have a few good people who like food in your corner, all is well. Always walk with your head held high…like a show pig.

5. Be respectful in and out of the ring.
No one likes a cranky pig or person. No one likes it when pigs start a fight, or a person starts drama. In short, if you look at how a good pig acts in and out of the ring, we can learn a lesson or two. Be friendly, but mind your own business. Don’t complain, instead drive with purpose. Be a good sportsman, and for goodness sake, don’t take anyone else’s food. Pigs and people alike hate that.

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