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What do you need in order to survive the NAILE?

 By: Katie Pieper

Sure, everybody’s needs are different, but this is your reminder checklist of staple items to be sure to pack in preparation for heading the Louisville.

· Coffee, 5-Hour energy, or for the health nuts, green tea.
Regardless of how or what, make sure you have an endless supply of CAFFEINE! This is, first and foremost, extremely important! I could not survive 5 days in Louisville without it.

· A close second, be sure to get yourself a couple pair (because this is a good excuse to buy something new) of Twisted-X shoes.
Whether it be the moccasins or slip-on’s, your feet will thank you after the days spent standing on the concrete for hours on end. They are the comfiest shoe I have ever found, and not to mention they can be pretty fashionable, too!

· Next, make sure you have a couple of pairs of wind pants.
You certainly don’t want to ruin those brand-new jeans the first time you wear them. Plus, keep yourself dry and warm in the early morning rinsing sessions. PSA: make sure those jeans are starched. You’ll look your best, and they are easier to clean once you get home and have 12 loads of laundry to do!

· Speaking of those rinse sessions, you have to spend a good chunk of your time making sure the animals are dried, and then some. We don’t want your head fitter upset, do we? Make sure to have several extra phone chargers lying around, because you’ll be needing a solid iTunes playlist downloaded on your phone. Or spending time scrolling through Facebook. And you know us Millennials, we can’t be without our phone.

· Now, for the most important item (yes, more important than the caffeine) – and this cannot be packed in a suitcase: you are going to need a good support team.
It takes a lot to get that steer or heifer looking their best, and we all know we cannot do it by ourselves. Whether it is your mom or dad, friend or hired hand, we need all of them. Appreciate them, thank them. For without whoever it is you are thinking of right now, none of this would be possible.

Here at ShowBloom, we are so proud of our feeders that have been putting in those long hard days and nights in the barn in preparation for the big show! We want to wish good luck to every member of the ShowBloom team! Be sure to send us your winner photos from the backdrop or around the barn!

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