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The importance of role models












This time of the year is one of the most exciting! Some stock are nearing their final show of their careers, last year’s breds are calving/farrowing/lambing/kidding for the first time and showmen are getting a jump start on new year’s project.


Facebook is filled with winter winners photos, new life entering the world and beautiful landscapes that can only be painted by the unpredictable winter weather across the country. As with each new year or new animal there comes a new excitement, new goals and most importantly, new learning opportunities.


One of the best things about the livestock industry and being raised in a barn is the relationships made and the endless supply of role models. Think back to your first year as an exhibitor and the very first time you exhibited against the person you someday wanted to be. You studied their every move at a show and emulated their show day routine in hopes of someday being able to be just like them. With each show you go to, each year you have under your belt and each new person you meet, your role models grow and adapt to what you want to attain next.


ShowBloom recently visited with some of our customers that are both starting out and finishing up their careers about their role models. As it turns out, no matter the age or experience of the showman, goals and learning opportunities are directly related to their role models. Here’s what ShowBloom customers said about their role models for 2017:


  1. My role models have inspired me beyond the show ring. The more I learn about my role model the more I realize how being well rounded in all aspects of the livestock industry is important.
  2. My role models keep me motivated. There are certainly times of the year that it is more difficult to stay in “game” mode. But, knowing that there is someone else out there that is putting in the hours, even when it’s tough, keeps me going.
  3. My role models challenge me. The older I get the more I want to not only be just like my role models, but also advance my own skills to some day be a role models for others.
  4. My role models help me set realistic goals. Everyone shows up wanting to win the show and take home as many banners as possible. By seeing what my role models accomplish and when, it has helped me set realistic goals each year that I can reach which motivates me more for the next year/show.
  5. My role models are some of my best friends. Most of my role models are close to my age and people that I surround myself with to help push me and challenge my skills. I love going to new shows and events with them to help hone both my skills and theirs. It’s really helpful when it’s a youth only fit show—we can dress our own stuff completely on our own.


There’s no doubt that it’s the most exciting time of year! With this time comes new challenges and new opportunities. Role models are vital to the new learning opportunities associated with these new challenges and opportunities.


Thank you to our ShowBloom customers that shared what their role models mean to them. We hope that 2017 is the year that you become a role model that inspires others; as the showring is about so much more than just the showring.


Go find your role model today and of course, #feedShowBloom!

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