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Have you heard the Rumor? 5 Facts to Know About GHG Emissions

Have you heard the rumor that livestock is the cause of most greenhouse gas? Read the following fast five facts to put the rumor to rest.

1) Despite arguments the U.S. livestock GHG emissions are NOT comparable to the transportation sector. When separating political fiction from scientific fact its proven that Livestock in the US account for 4.2% of GHG emissions while transportation accounts for 27%


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2) Some suggest to help lower GHG emissions one solution is “Meatless Mondays” – to put this in perspective “Meatless Mondays” would cut down emissions 0.6% annually compared to replacing your bulbs with Energy Star bulbs which would cut down emissions by 1.2%

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3) The US livestock sector is committed to improve their environmental impact and has done so significantly in the past six+ decades through shared knowledge and technology while also providing food security at home and aboard.


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4) Globally the US livestock sector has a much lower carbon footprint than other countries. Improvements in livestock production efficiencies are directly related to reductions of the environmental impact. These best practices can be shared and adapted with other regions.

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5) The 2050 food challenge to feeding the global is a real problem. Through our lifetime the population will have tripled from three billion people to nine billion. Resources to feed the population will/is decreasing not increasing so agriculture will need to continue to be more efficient and is the key to providing safe, affordable, and abundant food.


Now is the time to separate facts from fiction around the numerous sectors that contribute emissions and to identify solutions for the global food supply that allow us to reduce our impact on the planet and its resources. Share your knowledge!


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