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Eight Things Everyone Should Do At Junior Nationals

Junior National’s are here, and for those of us who still have shows to attend there are some very important things an exhibitor should always remember to participate in! Check out our top eight activities every exhibitor should remember below!

1) Exhibit Your Livestock Well

11665378_10155841096920601_7411592497311079772_nFirst and foremost exhibitors have to remember what they’re at Junior Nationals for, Showing Cattle! Whether this means warming your animal up to it’s surrounding, or getting together the perfect fit job before the show, focusing on your cattle is the number one priority at Junior Nationals!

2) Get Involved in Contests

Whether it’s quiz bowl, arts and crafts, or a speech contests there are numerous opportunities to get involved outside the show ring! Being involved in contests outside of showing can teach you valuable life lessons. Who knows, you may even get some sweet prizes!

3) Volunteer

If you’re a more experienced exhibitor why not take the time and help someone else who is new? It might be showing them the ropes at check in, or offering a hand when it comes time to show, either way your new friend will appreciate the help!

11412203_10155841886155601_8366693484988142501_n4) Meet New Friends

Sometimes it take’s some guts to jump out of your comfort zone and meet new people. But, by branching out and going up to new people you could possibly meet some new lifelong friends!

5) Enjoy the Road Trip

Junior Nationals is a road trip for many, why not stop and smell the roses along the way? The towns you drive through could have some delicious treats, fun attractions, or even a great resting place! If you have a long drive it’s important to stop and rest, you might as well enjoy it!

6) Tour The Town

Junior Nationals is normally held in a great location! When you get hungry at night go out with your family and see what small town restaurants your city has to offer! Or if your looking for a break during the long hot day, go find something fun to do! You never know what your city has to offer until you look!

7) Sleep!11666069_10155841872910601_3241378372973693587_n

Just like your animals, you to need lots of rest! It’s important to have fun, but it’s always essential to rest as well. If you plan to be your best, you have to prepare for it with lots of rest!

8) Feed ShowBloom

Just like it’s important to feed yourself, your animal needs the proper nutrition as well! If you want to  thrive on show day remember to pack your ShowBloom so your animals are ready to walk out of the ring with a championship banner!

Junior Nationals can be great! Or it can be a disaster; it’s up to you! With these eight activities anyone can succeed and have a great Junior Nationals

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