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EIEIO: Species-Specific Societies and Organizations

angela_bio_picBy Dr. Angela Mays, PhD

This EIEIO is a follow-up from November’s post titled “Societies and Organizations.”

This month’s links are a bit more species-specific but similar to other societies in that their membership usually consists of college students and professors, veterinarians, industry personnel, research scientists, and anyone else interested in the research and science focusing on poultry, equine and swine.

These societies publish articles accessible through membership journals or open access online. Each society also offers other membership and non-membership benefits as well.

Take a minute and check out the links below and keep looking for more society and organization links in future EIEIO posts!

EIEIO Links:

Each month we’ll highlight what we call an EIEIO, short for Emmert Introduces Educational Information Opportunities. EIEIOs consist of a series of links with a variety of focuses. Some links may be resourceful for children, while others will highlight organizations and societies that apply to industry interests. We’ll share everything from other blogs people might be interested in reading to interesting fact sheets found online. We are open to suggestions and sharing of some of your favorite links, too.

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