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Don’t Stop Looking

Katie_bio_pic_02By Katie Thacker

Winter has arrived at the farm. This means longer nights in less daylight, frozen water, heat lamps, cutting wood for the stoves, keeping a closer eye out for new arrivals, and freezing your tail off when you go out to feed.

But it also means sledding down massive hills and teaching little ones how to make snowballs and snowmen – and what snow NOT to eat.

It means dressing your kids in eight layers to take them out for eight minutes before they need a diaper change, but watching their faces as they squeal for joy over something so magical (unless you’re a one-year-old who hates the snow and all the layers).

And you can’t forget teaching them the importance of a warm cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows on top to help thaw out.

It is pure family fun that doesn’t have a cost but has limitless possibilities.

Katie Blog 7.1This year the first big snow came just at the right time. Feeling the long days ahead until spring, struggling with that feeling you get after the holidays are gone and the Christmas trees are packed away, and just that sometimes life can be really hard.

But gazing out over the hills covered in a fresh blanket of snow, feeling the stillness in the air, you can be reminded that beauty is there for those who keep looking.

Sometimes you just have to stop, stand still, and look for it.

As I snap a picture of one of the most beautiful sights I can remember, I turn to catch a moment of my two-year-old with pure, unbridled joy written on every inch of his body. And for a moment I forget about the hard days, the long days until spring, the mud beneath the snow. For a moment I get to be encased in utter beauty.

I thank God for the snow, the farm, and the sweet joy from a two-year-old.

Joyful Truth: Keep your eyes open, your gaze upward – so you don’t miss something beautiful. Don’t stop looking.

The opinions of Katie Thacker are not necessarily those of The F.L. Emmert Company or ShowBloom.

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