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Depends On Whom You Ask

Katie_bio_pic_02By Katie Thacker

My husband yells in to me from outside and shortly after the door closes, I hear little boots walking down the hall. My two-year-old is covered in dirt, smells like a barn, and is smiling ear to ear.

“Hudson, did you have fun outside?”


“Oh, did you get to see the sheep?”

“Yes they went ‘baaa’. I like dem. I played with dog too.”

“Were the sheep scary?”

“No, I like dem.”

The conversation continues with lots of two-year-old babbling, restating how much he likes the sheep.

SONY DSCLater, after dinner, bath and bed, my husband and I settle in on the couch. I tell him how Hudson really liked the sheep and how I was surprised he wasn’t scared (he’s usually more of an “I like you if you stay over there” kid).

My husband replies surprised: “He was scared once we got into the pen. He cried so I held him and tried to get him to pet them. Finally I let him go and he was ready to come in.”

Joyful Truth: In life, remember your answer will always depend on whom you ask.

The opinions of Katie Thacker are not necessarily those of The F.L. Emmert Company or ShowBloom.

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