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ShowBloom Champions Program Sneak Peak

Champions_final_logo_withSBBy Alex Ailshie

We are excited to introduce a new program that is designed to reward our loyal ShowBloom feeders – Champions with ShowBloom.

For years, top livestock and equine professionals have used ShowBloom to help push them to the winners circle. These champions appreciate how ShowBloom’s brewer’s yeast, vitamins and minerals increase the health, performance, and overall “bloom” of their animals.

So how does ShowBloom Champions work? This is an ambassador program designed for ShowBloom feeders who are willing to share the ShowBloom story with others. It’s people who are happy to share their feeding experiences and success with others.

What does a ShowBloom Champion do? Easy – you just share your ShowBloom story with others. A ShowBloom champion is ideally someone who is confident in their own success and willing to help educate others about livestock feeding and showing.

How do I apply? We will be selecting ShowBloom Champion ambassadors from each region in the US. We have a short application that tell us how long you’ve used ShowBloom, and where you’re from. Applications will be available in late April.

What do I get? If selected as a ShowBloom Champion ambassador, we’ll send you a great package of ShowBloom goodies like shirts, caps, and information about how to use ShowBloom. We’ll send you special stall signs that let others know you’re a ShowBloom Champion and you’re here to help. You’ll represent ShowBloom at local, regional and national shows you attend.

What’s the next step? If you are a current ShowBloom feeder, and are interested in serving as one of our ShowBloom Champions, please email We will be happy to send you an application.

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