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5 Ways to Be a Winner…In Life and In the Show Ring

By Sally Long There’s a famous quote that says…”Sit with the winners, the conversation is different…” We love this quote and recently I have done some reflecting on what my conversations with true winners have looked like: 1.     Winners don’t make excuses. So things didn’t go your way and you had a bad show. It is so easy to find blame in the judge, the setup, the situation and anything else that could possibly help explain the disappointment.  However, all of those things are out of your control as a competitor. Winners let go of the things they cannot control …

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Featured Dealer Friday

It’s Featured Dealer Friday! Every other Friday we will be featuring one of our dealers! This Friday we are featuring Rutherford Farmers Cooperative. Rutherford Farmers has four dealers in Middle TN all of which sell ShowBloom for your livestock! They also offer a wide variety of services including bulk feed, farm equipment, home and garden, animal health and much more. If this dealer isn’t near you check back here every other week for a new featured dealer or visit for our dealer locator! Also don’t forget we are running a limited time offer off $5 shipping per 25lb bag of ShowBloom when ordered online!

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Have you heard the Rumor? 5 Facts to Know About GHG Emissions

Have you heard the rumor that livestock is the cause of most greenhouse gas? Read the following fast five facts to put the rumor to rest. 1) Despite arguments the U.S. livestock GHG emissions are NOT comparable to the transportation sector. When separating political fiction from scientific fact its proven that Livestock in the US account for 4.2% of GHG emissions while transportation accounts for 27%   2) Some suggest to help lower GHG emissions one solution is “Meatless Mondays” – to put this in perspective “Meatless Mondays” would cut down emissions 0.6% annually compared to replacing your bulbs with Energy …

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5 Things You Learn From Showing Cattle

Growing up in a family that showed livestock, I often took for granted the things I was learning along the way. I thought it was normal to get up at 5:30 every morning and make sure all of the four-legged, 1,000-pound animals ate breakfast before I did. I thought every kid had friends across the state, who they spent more time with than their classmates. But after going off to college and entering the “real world” I soon learned that this is not the norm. So it got me thinking, what else did I learn from my cattle that other …

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8 Feed Mixing Room Stories Only Livestock People Will Understand

Through my years of showing cattle, some my funniest fights / scares / memories happened in our little feed and tack room of our small show barn. Even today, my sister and I look back and laugh at some of the funny stories that went down in that 10 x 10 dark dusty space. Can you relate to any of these? 1. There were daily fights over who got to pour the feed and who had to deliver the feed. When we showed, we always had our cattle tied up during the day, and then turned them out at night. So, …

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10 Things Horse People Know All Too Well

1. Why buy an expensive fur vest when you could save the hair from shedding season and craft one of your own? You’ll be an original in the fall, and you won’t have to worry about someone having the same vest as you (I’m just kidding, y’all—don’t actually do this). Horse people get excited for spring because of the beautiful weather and comfortable temperatures, but there’s always a downside… shedding season sets in and it shows no mercy. Let’s put it this way, you can’t even feed without getting their excess hair all over you. 2. Blankets are seasonal (and are …

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ShowBloom Challenge

Maybe you’ve fed ShowBloom in the past but haven’t lately – or maybe you’re totally new to ShowBloom. Either way, the ShowBloom Challenge is a great way to give your livestock that overall “BLOOM” of good nutritional health, and achieve their full potential. The ShowBloom Challenge is simple – just feed ShowBloom for 90 days to your cattle, horses, pigs, sheep or goats. We guarantee you will see the results ShowBloom has been producing since 1983: Increased feed intake and efficiency Healthier skin and hooves Increased muscle development and firmness Shiny, healthy coats Better overall condition We invite you to give the ShowBloom Challenge a …

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A History Of Winners With ShowBloom

ShowBloom was created in 1983, and has a long-standing history of winners. In the past three decades, ShowBloom has been fed to thousands of winners in all livestock species. While it may have a different look than what “old school feeders” may recognize, this 30-year-old product is one with a proven history of success. ShowBloom’s manufacturer – the F.L. Emmert Company – is the nationwide leader in providing fresh, all-natural brewer’s grain yeast products (BGY). ShowBloom has been a favorite choice of champions since 1983. It’s not some “fly by night” supplement that just showed up yesterday. We are one of …

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Don’t Stop Looking

By Katie Thacker Winter has arrived at the farm. This means longer nights in less daylight, frozen water, heat lamps, cutting wood for the stoves, keeping a closer eye out for new arrivals, and freezing your tail off when you go out to feed. But it also means sledding down massive hills and teaching little ones how to make snowballs and snowmen – and what snow NOT to eat. It means dressing your kids in eight layers to take them out for eight minutes before they need a diaper change, but watching their faces as they squeal for joy over something …

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