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We Enjoy Being Part Of Your Success

As a livestock supplement company, we love seeing results and getting feedback from our ShowBloom feeders! We truly enjoy seeing your champion photos, receiving show updates, and being part of your success. RK Animal Supplies is one of our distributors in Canada. They recently received the following testimonial from a customer in Alberta! “I felt to give recognition where it’s due. I have fed the ShowBloom in the past but this year I was very faithful to have it part of my ration for my fall show string. I truly do believe it pays off with getting the cattle to …

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Friends and Fellowship for a Good Cause

“Care” is a big word around Emmert, the company behind ShowBloom. As a fifth-generation family business, our company culture is based on a foundation of family values – creating genuine, caring relationships to improve our business as well as the world around us. We like to extend this feeling of family to our employees, customers and the greater Cincinnati community. To help achieve this, we developed the Emmert Cares program, which encourages employees to help others in times of need, through donating resources and volunteering time to non-profit organizations and worthy causes. As part of the Emmert Cares program, employees …

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Watch the NEW ShowBloom Video!

  Your road to the winner’s circle starts with ShowBloom! Since 1983, ShowBloom has produced livestock champion, after champion. The natural, nutritional supplement is proven to help your animal reach its full genetic potential. Unlike other products, ShowBloom doesn’t just contain yeast, it’s based on all-natural brewer’s yeast, and contains no artificial additives or ingredients. It will help your animal’s digestion, and improve their overall health and performance. As a versatile supplement, ShowBloom can be fed to horses, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, and small livestock like rabbits. Just follow the directions for the feeding rate on the package. Start feeding …

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ShowBloom Champions Program Sneak Peak

By Alex Ailshie We are excited to introduce a new program that is designed to reward our loyal ShowBloom feeders – Champions with ShowBloom. For years, top livestock and equine professionals have used ShowBloom to help push them to the winners circle. These champions appreciate how ShowBloom’s brewer’s yeast, vitamins and minerals increase the health, performance, and overall “bloom” of their animals. So how does ShowBloom Champions work? This is an ambassador program designed for ShowBloom feeders who are willing to share the ShowBloom story with others. It’s people who are happy to share their feeding experiences and success with others. What does …

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Winter On The Farm

By Katie Thacker The last big snow storm of the year rolled in … our biggest yet. As the storm began, snowflakes as big as baseballs (no kidding) were the talk of the town. After last year’s “thundersnow” (the rare sight and sound of thunder and lighting during snow), I thought nothing could ever be as surprising. The snow came fast, and within twelve hours 13 inches had fallen (and a few more throughout the day). My dad told me this is the kind of snow that comes only every ten years or so … I didn’t want to think about how …

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New Look, Same Great Product

By Kathleen Schubert As I talk to customers, I have learned some are worried the new ShowBloom bag design is the result of a change in the product. The truth is: ShowBloom didn’t change – just the bag! ShowBloom has had the same formulation since its inception more than 30 years ago. Emmert believes in using the same quality ingredients that have always made our product a leader in the supplement industry. But, after serious consideration and deliberation we felt the ShowBloom brand could benefit from a bag with more visual appeal and “shelf pop.” Some customers’ questions were sparked …

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New ShowBloom Bag

By Alex Ailshie I know a lot of our customers and friends who use ShowBloom are creative and love to do fun things with our bags. One of our users from Iowa likes to make totes to carry stuff to and from the show. We recently made the decision to upgrade our ShowBloom Bag design. The new bag has a bold new color scheme and a great new logo for all species of livestock. The best part is, the ShowBloom inside the bag is still the same supplement you know and love. I can’t wait to see the new and …

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ShowBloom Is Family

By Alex Ailshie I was at a fair the other day talking to a family who uses ShowBloom and it got my wheels turning about ShowBloom, the F.L. Emmert Company, and family. The F.L. Emmert Company is family owned and operated and has been since 1881. They have been in the yeast business a long time! A lot has changed since way back when, but the family has carried the torch and continued in the proud tradition of their parents and grandparents and so on. It kind of reminded me of the show industry. A lot has changed in the …

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Why Set Goals?

By Kathleen Schubert As the year progresses and I grow into my role with The F.L. Emmert Company and in my personal life, I have been thinking a lot about goals. Why set goals? And how can we accomplish those goals? To me, goals are essential to keeping life on track. Without some sort of plan we would live every day without purpose. As I spend many nights alone in hotel rooms, I find myself setting goals for my life without even realizing I’m doing it. Some may be as small as what I want to accomplish the next day. Others …

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Tales From The Road

By Alex Ailshie Greetings friends, and welcome! I look forward to bringing you tales from the road, interesting stories, industry news, and other informative and hopefully enjoyable readings. A little bit about myself: I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1990 to Darrell and JoDee Ailshie. In 1994, my family moved to Columbia, Tennessee where I was raised. I grew up playing sports, showing cattle, and working in the stockyard and on the farm. My first “real” job came when I was nine, working at the Stockyard in Thompson Station, Tennessee. My dad would drive me up there every Wednesday of …

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