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What do you need in order to survive the NAILE?

 By: Katie Pieper   Sure, everybody’s needs are different, but this is your reminder checklist of staple items to be sure to pack in preparation for heading the Louisville.   · Coffee, 5-Hour energy, or for the health nuts, green tea. Regardless of how or what, make sure you have an endless supply of CAFFEINE! This is, first and foremost, extremely important! I could not survive 5 days in Louisville without it.     · A close second, be sure to get yourself a couple pair (because this is a good excuse to buy something new) of Twisted-X shoes. Whether …

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10 Things You MUST Do in Kansas City

  The leaves are turning, the thermostat is dropping, and that means the start of what livestock kids have been patiently waiting all year for…FALL SHOWS! Over the next few weeks, over 10,000 exhibitors will be headed to the Kemper Arena to show at the American Royal. We know that for so many of you on Team Showbloom, these shows also double as a family vacation….so we came up with a few fun things that you have to do when you`re in Kansas City!     1) Watch the Steer Show! The Kansas City steer show has become known as …

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ShowBloom NEW pellet length

To All ShowBloom Users, In response to an overwhelming number of requests, we have decided to shorten the length of the ShowBloom pellet (the diameter will remain the same). This will allow for easier mixing and less separation in feeds, and more importantly, greater ease of feeding and consumption by smaller livestock species such as swine, sheep and goats. Rest assured that neither the formulation nor quality of our product has changed. We believe, as many of our customers do, that this simple change will have a positive impact on ShowBloom usage and sales to all species, as well as …

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Judges Divulge 10 Secrets to Winning Showmanship

Most times when you lead livestock into the ring, the judge’s job is to evaluate your livestock. However, when competing in a showmanship contest, it’s not the confirmation of your animal that’s under scrutiny, but you. Showmanship is a tough contest, but an important one, as the better showman you are, the better you can make your animal look when it counts. At ShowBloom, we understand the importance and value of Showmanship competitions and are proud to sponsor the showmanship series at Belt Buckle this summer in Texas. We sat down with the contest judges to see what they are …

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Looking For Your Next Lamb Prospect

By David Thacker, Show & Tell Guest Writer Gavin Perkins, a lamb producer and major player in today’s club lamb market, recently shared with me what he wants and looks for in his animals today. Here are some tips when picking out your own lamb or when buying your next show lamb prospect. Breeder Reputation Breeders that have success in the show ring typically continue to do so. They are the ones who tend to be on the leading edge of genetic traits and trends with quality stock in most cases. Muscle Remember these are MARKET animals. Market animals are …

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Depends On Whom You Ask

By Katie Thacker My husband yells in to me from outside and shortly after the door closes, I hear little boots walking down the hall. My two-year-old is covered in dirt, smells like a barn, and is smiling ear to ear. “Hudson, did you have fun outside?” “YES! SHEEP!” “Oh, did you get to see the sheep?” “Yes they went ‘baaa’. I like dem. I played with dog too.” “Were the sheep scary?” “No, I like dem.” The conversation continues with lots of two-year-old babbling, restating how much he likes the sheep. Later, after dinner, bath and bed, my husband …

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Shear Joy!

By David Thacker, Show & Tell Guest Writer I grew up in a family that has sheared sheep since my great grandfather. My grandpa used to drive around after church on Sundays with his three daughters and three sons and stop at farms with sheep to ask if they needed sheared. Naturally, all three boys sheared sheep growing up, as did their sons and I. My uncle Matt sheared around 15,000 head a year when I was old enough to join him all over Indiana and surrounding states to watch, help and learn. I would attempt to catch sheep for him, …

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