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Category: Katie Thacker

Winter On The Farm

By Katie Thacker The last big snow storm of the year rolled in … our biggest yet. As the storm began, snowflakes as big as baseballs (no kidding) were the talk of the town. After last year’s “thundersnow” (the rare sight and sound of thunder and lighting during snow), I thought nothing could ever be as surprising. The snow came fast, and within twelve hours 13 inches had fallen (and a few more throughout the day). My dad told me this is the kind of snow that comes only every ten years or so … I didn’t want to think about how …

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Don’t Stop Looking

By Katie Thacker Winter has arrived at the farm. This means longer nights in less daylight, frozen water, heat lamps, cutting wood for the stoves, keeping a closer eye out for new arrivals, and freezing your tail off when you go out to feed. But it also means sledding down massive hills and teaching little ones how to make snowballs and snowmen – and what snow NOT to eat. It means dressing your kids in eight layers to take them out for eight minutes before they need a diaper change, but watching their faces as they squeal for joy over something …

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Depends On Whom You Ask

By Katie Thacker My husband yells in to me from outside and shortly after the door closes, I hear little boots walking down the hall. My two-year-old is covered in dirt, smells like a barn, and is smiling ear to ear. “Hudson, did you have fun outside?” “YES! SHEEP!” “Oh, did you get to see the sheep?” “Yes they went ‘baaa’. I like dem. I played with dog too.” “Were the sheep scary?” “No, I like dem.” The conversation continues with lots of two-year-old babbling, restating how much he likes the sheep. Later, after dinner, bath and bed, my husband …

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The Boring Life

By Katie Thacker A text conversation between a friend and me: Me: “Is it plagiarism if I copy and paste one of your blog posts and use it as my own … or is it flattery?” My friend: “Flattery. Big time” Me: “I have a blog post due tomorrow and I literally have not a single thing to write about. My life is boring, I change diapers all day.” My friend: “I sincerely want your life.” This friend is someone I look up to – only a few years older, she’s been writing a blog for years. Her blog actually has …

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Better With Age

By Katie Thacker I’m sitting here trying to plan a birthday party for my second child. His party is next week and I’m thinking I better get my act together. So far I sent out invitations. My first son’s birthday party was a giant Pintrest over-the-top first birthday party celebration. There was a photo booth with handmade props, a time capsule, a video of his first year, cake toppers with his face on them … the works. Just thinking about it makes me tired. My beloved second child will be lucky if I remember to pick up the cake. Life has …

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We Have Lost Connection

By Katie Thacker As a work-from-home mom, I face many challenges (like all those before me, after me, and presently) – work life and home life so tightly intertwined can be both a blessing and a bit tricky. I work late-night but spend mornings listening to my boys laugh over cartoons and Cheerios. When one falls sick I cuddle him on the couch while explaining to a co-worker why I need to push back a deadline. When an unexpected work call needs attention, I apologize ahead of time for the giggles, squeals, and screams they might hear (and I put …

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Vacation Hotspot

By Katie Thacker What comes to mind as a vacation hot spot? Is it Maysville, Kentucky? Have you even heard of this place? You probably haven’t, but let me tell you if you’re six and under (or my father), you beg to come here. Since we moved to Maysville you wouldn’t believe the excitement that comes from my nieces, nephews, and friends’ kids when they get to come to the farm. It’s funny how you see life in a new way when you see through the eyes of a child. The countless times they stand at the fence to watch …

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Opposite Of The Animal Whisperer

By Katie Thacker If you haven’t read my bio, let me tell you quickly – I live on a farm and I have no idea what I’m doing. My dad has always worked in the ag business, but we always lived in the suburbs. Somehow I married a man who dreamed of being a farmer. Living, breathing, and daydreaming about a farm. One of my friends’ favorite stories she makes me retell over wine is my first farming experience. My father and husband David decided it was time to get our feet wet in the cattle business. We lived on …

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