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Momma’s Meatloaf

By Kathleen Schubert As I reflect on the NCBA trade show in San Antonio, I am reminded how important the beef industry is to the world. So I figured I would share my favorite beef recipe with y’all – my momma’s meatloaf. (My husband reminded me ground beef isn’t prime rib, but we all know most of us can’t afford to eat prime rib for dinner every night, so we all must enjoy hamburger meat once in a while.) Momma’s Meatloaf 1 8 oz. can tomato sauce 1 ½ cups brown sugar 1 tsp. prepared mustard 2 eggs, lightly beaten …

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Six Signs Your Livestock Basically Run Your Life

By Kathleen Schubert Growing up on a ranch isn’t for everyone. For some it may seem crazy to let your life revolve around the lives of four-legged, furry creatures. But for a lot of us, we wouldn’t want it any other way. So here is a list of six things most people who grew up on a ranch can totally relate to: No matter how hard you try and get your boots clean, there are just some things that don’t come off. Even your dress boots that aren’t supposed to make it off the sidewalk end up with unwanted gunk …

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New Look, Same Great Product

By Kathleen Schubert As I talk to customers, I have learned some are worried the new ShowBloom bag design is the result of a change in the product. The truth is: ShowBloom didn’t change – just the bag! ShowBloom has had the same formulation since its inception more than 30 years ago. Emmert believes in using the same quality ingredients that have always made our product a leader in the supplement industry. But, after serious consideration and deliberation we felt the ShowBloom brand could benefit from a bag with more visual appeal and “shelf pop.” Some customers’ questions were sparked …

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For Granted

By Kathleen Schubert As I grow in my professional career and see high school kids doing the things I miss so much, like showing, it gets me thinking. When I was in their shoes I never thought twice about how many miles we were putting on the truck, or the cost of diesel to get us to a show four hours down the road. All I knew was that my parents were going to make sure we got there and that we had everything we needed to make sure we put our best feet (or I guess in this case, …

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Treasures From The Road

By Kathleen Schubert The more I travel, the more boring lonely hotel rooms get. So the past few weeks I have been trying to find ways to entertain myself in the evenings. I refuse to go to a restaurant and read a book while sitting in the corner by myself. I prefer to take it to go and eat in my hotel room while binge watching my favorite shows. To avoid boring evenings I’ve started to Google the towns I’m visiting before I get there to find something fun to go see or try doing while I’m in town. The …

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Favorite Restaurants: Texas Edition

By Kathleen Schubert One thing you will learn about me is I love to eat. And being on the road a lot, I have the opportunity to eat at a lot of different restaurants all over the place. So I thought I would share my Top 5 favorites with you. The best place I have eaten while on the road has been, of course, the Gristmill right outside San Antonio in Gruene, Texas. Most of the seating is outside on a nice shaded patio. Even in the brutal Texas heat, it is comfortable enough to sit outside because of the …

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Why Set Goals?

By Kathleen Schubert As the year progresses and I grow into my role with The F.L. Emmert Company and in my personal life, I have been thinking a lot about goals. Why set goals? And how can we accomplish those goals? To me, goals are essential to keeping life on track. Without some sort of plan we would live every day without purpose. As I spend many nights alone in hotel rooms, I find myself setting goals for my life without even realizing I’m doing it. Some may be as small as what I want to accomplish the next day. Others …

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Where Would We Be Without Agriculture?

By Kathleen Schubert As Toby Keith sings: I wanna talk about me, Wanna talk about I Wanna talk about number one oh my me my. What I think What I like What I know What I want what I see. I like talkin’ about you, usually, But occasionally I wanna talk about me! Ok, so maybe I’m not Toby Keith, but I do wanna talk about me! Hi, I’m Kathleen. I grew up on a small cattle ranch in South Texas. You’ve probably never heard of Riviera, but that’s the place I call home. It’s where I grew up and where …

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