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Animals and Cold Weather

ShowBloom giving you that added edge.. The weather outside can get a bit frightful during the winter months and it can leave people wondering how animals survive in brutal sub-zero temperatures. The range of weather conditions throughout the regions of the U.S. can vary. What one showman thinks of as “cold” may be a tropical vacation to another – just ask an Iowa show family and a south Texas show family – the response will be completely different. Regardless of your own tolerance for the cold, good management practices make a big difference in caring for livestock during the cold weather …

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We love Culver’s

  We love Culver’s,   As a company serving farmers for over 135 years we love to promote and support organizations that understand and support American agriculture and the American farmer and ranchers. That’s why we love Culver’s restaurants. They have a great campaign, “Thank You Farmers” which salutes and appreciates farmers and ranches. They have donated millions of dollars to support the National FFA organization and most recently they raised and donated nearly $20,000 to support students that needed help purchasing their own FFA jacket. Culver’s press release stated, “This jacket is more than just something students wear; it’s representative of the …

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5 Things Ag Kids Miss When They Go Back To College

Written by Maria Rogers Going back to college in the fall can be both exciting and depressing. Seeing all your friends again is great but saying goodbye to your family and livestock can be pretty tough. Here are the 5 things I miss when I go back to school in the fall! 1. Late Nights in the Barn Those late nights go from being in the barn until midnight to being in the library until midnight. In the summer it’s all about preparing livestock for state and county fairs, but during the semester, it’s all about preparing for that 9:00 …

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Winter On The Farm

By Katie Thacker The last big snow storm of the year rolled in … our biggest yet. As the storm began, snowflakes as big as baseballs (no kidding) were the talk of the town. After last year’s “thundersnow” (the rare sight and sound of thunder and lighting during snow), I thought nothing could ever be as surprising. The snow came fast, and within twelve hours 13 inches had fallen (and a few more throughout the day). My dad told me this is the kind of snow that comes only every ten years or so … I didn’t want to think about how …

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Don’t Stop Looking

By Katie Thacker Winter has arrived at the farm. This means longer nights in less daylight, frozen water, heat lamps, cutting wood for the stoves, keeping a closer eye out for new arrivals, and freezing your tail off when you go out to feed. But it also means sledding down massive hills and teaching little ones how to make snowballs and snowmen – and what snow NOT to eat. It means dressing your kids in eight layers to take them out for eight minutes before they need a diaper change, but watching their faces as they squeal for joy over something …

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Looking For Your Next Lamb Prospect

By David Thacker, Show & Tell Guest Writer Gavin Perkins, a lamb producer and major player in today’s club lamb market, recently shared with me what he wants and looks for in his animals today. Here are some tips when picking out your own lamb or when buying your next show lamb prospect. Breeder Reputation Breeders that have success in the show ring typically continue to do so. They are the ones who tend to be on the leading edge of genetic traits and trends with quality stock in most cases. Muscle Remember these are MARKET animals. Market animals are …

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Six Signs Your Livestock Basically Run Your Life

By Kathleen Schubert Growing up on a ranch isn’t for everyone. For some it may seem crazy to let your life revolve around the lives of four-legged, furry creatures. But for a lot of us, we wouldn’t want it any other way. So here is a list of six things most people who grew up on a ranch can totally relate to: No matter how hard you try and get your boots clean, there are just some things that don’t come off. Even your dress boots that aren’t supposed to make it off the sidewalk end up with unwanted gunk …

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If You Eat, You’re A Part Of Agriculture

By Alex Ailshie You need a doctor when you are sick or injured. You need a mechanic when your vehicle is inoperable. You need a plumber to fix a leaky faucet. All of these are noble and worthwhile professions that meet the needs of people when they arise. But there is one group of people you need every day, three times a day – the American farmer. I believe the above is a good illustration of how important animal and production agriculture is to every human on this planet. There has been a growing trend of criticism and scorn of …

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The Boring Life

By Katie Thacker A text conversation between a friend and me: Me: “Is it plagiarism if I copy and paste one of your blog posts and use it as my own … or is it flattery?” My friend: “Flattery. Big time” Me: “I have a blog post due tomorrow and I literally have not a single thing to write about. My life is boring, I change diapers all day.” My friend: “I sincerely want your life.” This friend is someone I look up to – only a few years older, she’s been writing a blog for years. Her blog actually has …

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Vacation Hotspot

By Katie Thacker What comes to mind as a vacation hot spot? Is it Maysville, Kentucky? Have you even heard of this place? You probably haven’t, but let me tell you if you’re six and under (or my father), you beg to come here. Since we moved to Maysville you wouldn’t believe the excitement that comes from my nieces, nephews, and friends’ kids when they get to come to the farm. It’s funny how you see life in a new way when you see through the eyes of a child. The countless times they stand at the fence to watch …

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