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5 Ways to Be a Winner…In Life and In the Show Ring

By Sally Long There’s a famous quote that says…”Sit with the winners, the conversation is different…” We love this quote and recently I have done some reflecting on what my conversations with true winners have looked like: 1.     Winners don’t make excuses. So things didn’t go your way and you had a bad show. It is so easy to find blame in the judge, the setup, the situation and anything else that could possibly help explain the disappointment.  However, all of those things are out of your control as a competitor. Winners let go of the things they cannot control …

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Show Lessons from a Show Pig

By: Marisa Linton Showing pigs, while a great deal of fun, is also a lot of work. Beyond the typical feeding, brushing, and daily care of your pig, it takes a lot of dedication and perseverance to train your pig. Hours, in fact, of walking and turning, and pretending your mom is the judge. Exhausted yet? It certainly can be. Show pigs have a lot to learn if they are ever going to become champions. However, perhaps there are some lessons we can learn from our show pig.     1. Complaining doesn’t help when you must do something. It …

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10 Things You MUST Do in Kansas City

  The leaves are turning, the thermostat is dropping, and that means the start of what livestock kids have been patiently waiting all year for…FALL SHOWS! Over the next few weeks, over 10,000 exhibitors will be headed to the Kemper Arena to show at the American Royal. We know that for so many of you on Team Showbloom, these shows also double as a family vacation….so we came up with a few fun things that you have to do when you`re in Kansas City!     1) Watch the Steer Show! The Kansas City steer show has become known as …

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The importance of role models

                      This time of the year is one of the most exciting! Some stock are nearing their final show of their careers, last year’s breds are calving/farrowing/lambing/kidding for the first time and showmen are getting a jump start on new year’s project.   Facebook is filled with winter winners photos, new life entering the world and beautiful landscapes that can only be painted by the unpredictable winter weather across the country. As with each new year or new animal there comes a new excitement, new goals and most importantly, new …

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Meet the ShowBloom Team!

Get to know our ShowBloom team that’s helping serve livestock customers around the nation! Make sure to say hello when you see them out at events this summer!   Name: Moss Boone Eastern Regional Sales and Marketing Manager based out of Virginia Ag Background: I don’t come from a show livestock background but I did compete in Team Roping for many years and I’m a huge fan of Rodeo. Why you believe in ShowBloom: The history of success of this brand in the show industry makes me confident in the product. I know if it didn’t perform well it wouldn’t …

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Learning to Show with ShowBloom

Proper nutrition is just one of the important ingredients that will help showmen succeed in the ring. Hard work, preparation, good nutrition, showmanship and more go into preparing an animal for competition. That’s why ShowBloom is dedicated to helping our customers succeed in animal nutrition decisions and more through investing in youth education. “It’s great to work for a company and a family that supports youth and agriculture education,” said Alex Ailshie, ShowBloom territory manager. “It’s important to invest in our industry and ShowBloom does that on a local level through educational materials, shows and clinics.” Recently ShowBloom hosted a …

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Eight Things Everyone Should Do At Junior Nationals

Junior National’s are here, and for those of us who still have shows to attend there are some very important things an exhibitor should always remember to participate in! Check out our top eight activities every exhibitor should remember below! 1) Exhibit Your Livestock Well First and foremost exhibitors have to remember what they’re at Junior Nationals for, Showing Cattle! Whether this means warming your animal up to it’s surrounding, or getting together the perfect fit job before the show, focusing on your cattle is the number one priority at Junior Nationals! 2) Get Involved in Contests Whether it’s quiz …

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Don’t Stop Looking

By Katie Thacker Winter has arrived at the farm. This means longer nights in less daylight, frozen water, heat lamps, cutting wood for the stoves, keeping a closer eye out for new arrivals, and freezing your tail off when you go out to feed. But it also means sledding down massive hills and teaching little ones how to make snowballs and snowmen – and what snow NOT to eat. It means dressing your kids in eight layers to take them out for eight minutes before they need a diaper change, but watching their faces as they squeal for joy over something …

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Depends On Whom You Ask

By Katie Thacker My husband yells in to me from outside and shortly after the door closes, I hear little boots walking down the hall. My two-year-old is covered in dirt, smells like a barn, and is smiling ear to ear. “Hudson, did you have fun outside?” “YES! SHEEP!” “Oh, did you get to see the sheep?” “Yes they went ‘baaa’. I like dem. I played with dog too.” “Were the sheep scary?” “No, I like dem.” The conversation continues with lots of two-year-old babbling, restating how much he likes the sheep. Later, after dinner, bath and bed, my husband …

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The Boring Life

By Katie Thacker A text conversation between a friend and me: Me: “Is it plagiarism if I copy and paste one of your blog posts and use it as my own … or is it flattery?” My friend: “Flattery. Big time” Me: “I have a blog post due tomorrow and I literally have not a single thing to write about. My life is boring, I change diapers all day.” My friend: “I sincerely want your life.” This friend is someone I look up to – only a few years older, she’s been writing a blog for years. Her blog actually has …

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