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Animals and Cold Weather

ShowBloom giving you that added edge.. The weather outside can get a bit frightful during the winter months and it can leave people wondering how animals survive in brutal sub-zero temperatures. The range of weather conditions throughout the regions of the U.S. can vary. What one showman thinks of as “cold” may be a tropical vacation to another – just ask an Iowa show family and a south Texas show family – the response will be completely different. Regardless of your own tolerance for the cold, good management practices make a big difference in caring for livestock during the cold weather …

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Show Lessons from a Show Pig

By: Marisa Linton Showing pigs, while a great deal of fun, is also a lot of work. Beyond the typical feeding, brushing, and daily care of your pig, it takes a lot of dedication and perseverance to train your pig. Hours, in fact, of walking and turning, and pretending your mom is the judge. Exhausted yet? It certainly can be. Show pigs have a lot to learn if they are ever going to become champions. However, perhaps there are some lessons we can learn from our show pig.     1. Complaining doesn’t help when you must do something. It …

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What do you need in order to survive the NAILE?

 By: Katie Pieper   Sure, everybody’s needs are different, but this is your reminder checklist of staple items to be sure to pack in preparation for heading the Louisville.   · Coffee, 5-Hour energy, or for the health nuts, green tea. Regardless of how or what, make sure you have an endless supply of CAFFEINE! This is, first and foremost, extremely important! I could not survive 5 days in Louisville without it.     · A close second, be sure to get yourself a couple pair (because this is a good excuse to buy something new) of Twisted-X shoes. Whether …

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ShowBloom Champion spotlight–Abby Tipton

“A goal without a plan is just a wish,” Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Commitment, planning and hard work are just a few key traits that helped ShowBloom Champion, Abby Tipton, experience tremendous success this summer show season.   ShowBloom recently sat down with Abby to talk about her experiences with the product and how it led her to a winning summer.   ShowBloom: Abby, tell us a little about your livestock industry involvement, including your show cattle experience?   Abby: Me and my family run a successful Limousin and Lim-Flex cow/calf operation in Greenback, TN. I’ve shown cattle for 7 years …

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A Quarter Century of Success with ShowBloom

Located just outside of Taneytown, Maryland, Foggy Bottom Farm is known for their champion Hereford genetics. Home to the Denver Stock Show Grand Champion Polled Hereford Bull, Foggy Bottom Farm is owned by Ray and Cyndy Howes. The family began raising Hereford cattle on Foggy Bottom Farm in 1983 and today the herd of 30 momma cows produce offspring that perform at the highest levels in the show ring.   Managing Partner Bill Widerman is the mastermind behind the diet for the show string at Foggy Bottom Farm. A ShowBloom user for more than 25 years, Widerman shared with us …

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We love Culver’s

  We love Culver’s,   As a company serving farmers for over 135 years we love to promote and support organizations that understand and support American agriculture and the American farmer and ranchers. That’s why we love Culver’s restaurants. They have a great campaign, “Thank You Farmers” which salutes and appreciates farmers and ranches. They have donated millions of dollars to support the National FFA organization and most recently they raised and donated nearly $20,000 to support students that needed help purchasing their own FFA jacket. Culver’s press release stated, “This jacket is more than just something students wear; it’s representative of the …

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Winter On The Farm

By Katie Thacker The last big snow storm of the year rolled in … our biggest yet. As the storm began, snowflakes as big as baseballs (no kidding) were the talk of the town. After last year’s “thundersnow” (the rare sight and sound of thunder and lighting during snow), I thought nothing could ever be as surprising. The snow came fast, and within twelve hours 13 inches had fallen (and a few more throughout the day). My dad told me this is the kind of snow that comes only every ten years or so … I didn’t want to think about how …

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Generous Donation Kick-Starts New IFEEDER Donor Level

An interview with Wayne Rod, CEO, the F.L. Emmert Company: *As published in Feed & Grain magazine F.L. Emmert Co. made IFEEDER history by giving a $125,000 corporate donation — the largest public donation on record — to IFEEDER. The donation earned Emmert the honor of being the first member of IFEEDER’s Corporate Chairman’s Club, the highest level of giving. Emmert’s CEO Wayne Rod shared why he feels IFEEDER’s mission is so important and why other companies in the feed industry should get involved. Feed & Grain: Why did F.L. Emmert Co. decide to contribute to IFEEDER? Rod: We’ve been …

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We Have Lost Connection

By Katie Thacker As a work-from-home mom, I face many challenges (like all those before me, after me, and presently) – work life and home life so tightly intertwined can be both a blessing and a bit tricky. I work late-night but spend mornings listening to my boys laugh over cartoons and Cheerios. When one falls sick I cuddle him on the couch while explaining to a co-worker why I need to push back a deadline. When an unexpected work call needs attention, I apologize ahead of time for the giggles, squeals, and screams they might hear (and I put …

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ShowBloom Is Family

By Alex Ailshie I was at a fair the other day talking to a family who uses ShowBloom and it got my wheels turning about ShowBloom, the F.L. Emmert Company, and family. The F.L. Emmert Company is family owned and operated and has been since 1881. They have been in the yeast business a long time! A lot has changed since way back when, but the family has carried the torch and continued in the proud tradition of their parents and grandparents and so on. It kind of reminded me of the show industry. A lot has changed in the …

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