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Category: Elizabeth Barber

Leading By Following

I remember the first time I saw them. I was 10 years old at the National Junior Angus Show. While it wasn’t my first time attending, it was my first time showing. My heifer that year was almost too tame and a little reluctant to move sometimes. While we were in class, a guy was suddenly behind me, helping to coax her along. He wore a green jacket. And no, he wasn’t a Master’s golf champion. The green jackets of the National Junior Angus Association board stand out. And for my junior show career in the NJAA, you could often …

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All That’s Meant For Me

By Elizabeth Barber Across the conference room sat two self-assured businessmen – one twice my age with a decades-old career; the other just a generation or so ahead. They were visiting my family’s 133-year-old business to talk about the ins and outs of multigenerational family companies and we’d stumbled upon the ever-controversial topic of career vs. stay-at-home mom. Just a few weeks pregnant with our third child, I told them I planned to continue working part time and wondered how the decision might affect my decade-long career: Could I still add value to the family business while caring for my husband …

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Nowhere I’d Rather Be

By Elizabeth Barber There I sat, head down, eyes fixed on my desktop. Certain my embarrassment was as obvious as could be, I avoided passing glances as if caught cheating on an exam. My friend Lauren sat a few inches taller and smiled widely at her mom a few feet away. It was career day in our 1st grade classroom and today my dad would reveal my secret shame: My dad’s job was to make livestock feed. While Lauren’s mom stood poised and pretty in her Izzy’s restaurant apron, wowing her young audience with stories of serving meals and greeting customers, my dad …

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