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Opposite Of The Animal Whisperer

By Katie Thacker If you haven’t read my bio, let me tell you quickly – I live on a farm and I have no idea what I’m doing. My dad has always worked in the ag business, but we always lived in the suburbs. Somehow I married a man who dreamed of being a farmer. Living, breathing, and daydreaming about a farm. One of my friends’ favorite stories she makes me retell over wine is my first farming experience. My father and husband David decided it was time to get our feet wet in the cattle business. We lived on …

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Introduction to EIEIO

By Dr. Angela Mays Welcome to Show & Tell with ShowBloom! Each month we’ll highlight what we call an EIEIO, short for Emmert Introduces Educational Information Opportunities. EIEIOs consist of a series of links with a variety of focuses. Some links may be resourceful for children, while others will highlight organizations and societies that apply to industry interests. We’ll share everything from other blogs people might be interested in reading to interesting fact sheets found online. We are open to suggestions and sharing of some of your favorite links, too. We hope you enjoy this month’s EIEIO! The opinions of Dr. …

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EIEIO For Kids

By Dr. Angela Mays As school kicks off, what better time to start learning! These links are especially for children interested in learning. Animals, plants, space, and robots; these links are full of educational fun. With quizzes, lessons, and games, there are a variety of ways to interact and learn on these websites. The purpose of these links is to provide children with a safe place to read, learn, and play online. Age categories and categories of interest help users identify sections that may interest them. These links are great for parents, teachers or children. Science Kids: Fun Science & …

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