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Learning to Show with ShowBloom

Proper nutrition is just one of the important ingredients that will help showmen succeed in the ring. Hard work, preparation, good nutrition, showmanship and more go into preparing an animal for competition.

That’s why ShowBloom is dedicated to helping our customers succeed in animal nutrition decisions and more through investing in youth education.

“It’s great to work for a company and a family that supports youth and agriculture education,” said Alex Ailshie, ShowBloom territory manager. “It’s important to invest in our industry and ShowBloom does that on a local level through educational materials, shows and clinics.”

Recently ShowBloom hosted a two-day fitting and showing clinic in Tennessee with expert Kirk Steirwalt of Leedey, Oklahoma. More than 30 showmen brought in cattle to get hands on instruction from Steirwalt while more than 75 people watched.

The young showmen learned tips on how to properly wash and clip their animals, proper showmanship in the ring and how to discuss the positive characteristics of their animals with judges.

After the clinic attendees shared tips they learned from Kirk:

  • Use a strong soap in the winter months when washing cattle to help remove grease.
  • When bathing cattle, make sure to brush vertically as it will create funnels for the water and dirt to run off the calf. Brushing only in a circular motion can move residue around the animal rather than off of it.
  • When in the show ring walk in front of the calf and hold the lead closer to the face for better control.

Better nutrition builds champions, but ShowBloom believes investing in our youth helps make improve all aspects of our industry.

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