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Showbloom Champion Spotlight: Grimmel Girls Show Cattle

MT16-1-0315Getting to see customers succeed is our favorite part of what we do at Showbloom. Recently we sat down with Showbloom customer Melissa Grimmel from Jarettsville Maryland, who recently won Grand Champion Polled Hereford Heifer at the National Western Stock Show, to ask some questions about her #stockshowlife and recent win.

Why do you show?

Cattle are my life – showing is my life. It is the reason why I am attending Kansas State and my future career will involve the cattle industry. I have met some of my best friends through showing cattle and I honestly can’t think of something better to be doing.

What does this win mean to you and your family?

I honestly can’t even put into words what this win means to my family and I. Winning Denver is on every showman’s list of goals. At one time, just being able to show at the NWSS was a goal for us. The moment the judge walked up to my heifer and I, and the moment I hugged Jacob and Michelle after we won are two moments I will never forget. My eyes instantly filled with tears of joy, which reflected all of the hard work and extra miles we put forth over the years.

How did Grimmel Girls Show Cattle Get its start?

Grimmel Girls Show Cattle began 1991 when my older sisters began showing. My sisters and I have had our fair share of standing dead last in class at various shows. My parents did not show cattle, so it’s safe to say us girls were not born into it. We have started from the very bottom and worked our way to the top. When we began exhibiting at national shows, I was honored to be standing in the ring no matter what color ribbon I walked out with because it took us a long time to have cattle that would even be competitive at that show. I never forget where I came from, which is why I believe it is critical to remain humble and to give back by helping those who ask me for it.

Why use showbloom?

In 2013 we realized we weren’t seeing great results with another supplement, so we decided to give ShowBloom a try and haven’t looked back since! The cattle love it and ShowBloom loves them too! In just a few weeks after adding it to our feeding program, we noticed the cattle had more bloom to them and they looked refreshed. We also think their hair and hide is healthier and more moisturized because of incorporating ShowBloom into our program.

What do the cattle have to say about showbloom?

Our cattle love ShowBloom! We instantly noticed an increase in their appetite and I can honestly say they rarely miss a feeding – even on the road to a show, which is extremely crucial for us since we are usually traveling far distances and need them to retain that appetite to stay healthy and full.



We are the ultimate team – Jacob, my brother in law, has a talent that I would challenge to anyone. He can feed one, he can groom one, he can clip one, he can fit one. My oldest sister, Michelle, is the ultimate “show mom” and takes care of the paperwork, entry fees, packing list, making sure we are fed, you name it and she makes sure it gets done. When I am home from school, I am in the barn non-stop and when at shows we work together to make sure everything looks its best. I may be the one walking our cattle in the show ring, but it is a true team effort in our operation. Our lives revolve around our cattle, all of our conversations are about our cattle and the only time we spend together is in the barn or at a show with our cattle. I am blessed to have these two in my life, who share the same passion as me. We all do our part and it is truly a team effort.

So….what’s next?

Our lifelong goal remains the same – to continue breeding and raising cattle that are sound, functional and successful in the show ring and in production. We plan to continue expanding our cattle herd and genetics through embryo transfer. We are planning to offer more of our show cattle prospects and to eventually branch out and have an online sale so we can offer our genetics to all juniors. We want to help them succeed, achieve their goals and to help in any way we can, just like others have done for us.


2 thoughts on “Showbloom Champion Spotlight: Grimmel Girls Show Cattle”

  1. What company makes show bloom ?

  2. ShowBloom is manufactured by The F.L. Emmert Company in Cincinnati, OH.

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